Individual Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising Ideas for Individuals

  • Set up your Facebook birthday fundraiser to raise money for UK Wild Otter Trust. Create a simple fundraise through Facebook and let your family and friends protect otters in honour of you.
  • Set a personal challenge and ask you friends and family to sponsor you online. Ideas – give up your favourite food for 3 months? Do 100 sit-ups every day for a month? Walk your dog for 3 miles a day?
  • Do a sponsored head shave, leg wax or beard shave.
  • Have a clear out and declutter. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. You could sell the items online through platforms such as eBay or Facebook Marketplace or at a car boot sale and donate the funds to UKWOT.
  • Collection bucket/tin.
  • Is there a word or phrase you use too much? Every time you say it, put £1 into a jar and donate the collection to UKWOT.
  • Support us on your special day by asking for a birthday, engagement, anniversary or easter donation instead of gifts, cards or chocolate eggs?
  • Hold a charity bake sale.

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