Our Mission

About the UK Wild Otter Trust

We’re dedicated to promoting a positive understanding of otter conservation, and raising awareness of the species through education, involvement, and engagement. We aim to…

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Work towards otter welfare in the UK, and assist with species conservation – both alone and in collaboration with other groups.

Engage with, support, advise, negotiate with, and maintain stable relationships with fishery owners and anglers.

Promote responsible otter watching to minimise and prevent any unnecessary disturbance to otters and their shelters.

Work with other otter groups and angling bodies to research and improve our understanding of otter biology and ecology.

Stay aware of current and future changes that may affect the otter, and to be prepared to lobby for change.

Raise awareness of the species and its habitats via talks, walks, printed literature, and other outreach initiatives.


No members of the Trust are paid: we rely on the generosity and dedication of our volunteers. You can see our volunteer strategy here. If you’re interested in helping us out, we’d love to hear from you!

The UK Wild Otter Trust is a fully accepted and recognised charity in the United Kingdom: charity number 1167746. We have a dedicated finance officer and are happy to supply financial details/an income and expenditure statement to anyone wishing to see our accounts.

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