World Otter Day 2022

It’s World Otter Day 2022 on the 25th of May. It’s a day to help raise awareness of the dangers these wonderful creatures face and educate people on how to help protect their natural habitats.

As part of our World Otter Day, we’re setting up this fundraiser for our charity. All money we raise goes straight to our vital work for the otters. Check out our GoFundMe fundraiser here:

As a charity we totally rely on your donations and online shop sales. It costs around £2,000 to rehabilitate a single otter cub. At the Trust we currently have 3 captive otters that cannot be released back into the wild and 13 otters that we are rehabilitating for release back into the wild. This fundraiser will be going towards our costs for the month of May and for any unexpected costs along the way.

May Costs Estimate:

Otter food – £200

Rehab centre electricity – £57

Rehab centre water – £20

Planning permission for change of use at our rehab centre (to allow us to continue our vital work) – £627

We have also created some World Otter Day Products on our TeeMill store, check them out here…/world-otter-day…/

Stay tuned to our social media channels for World Otter Day educational content and of course otter cuteness later in the month.

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