If you find an otter that may need help, please call us immediately.
☎️ 07866 462820 ☎️ 01769 580621 ☎️07759 809667

Companies That Support Us

Bare Kind

10% of the profits from the sales of their Save the Otters Bamboo Socks are donated to us. https://barekind.co.uk/products/save-the-otters-bamboo-socks?_pos=2&_sid=c0cef9136&_ss=r 


A proportion of the proceeds made from sales of their otter swimsuit are donated us. https://www.batoko.com/products/otter?variant=39948213256269



Wire Fence

Wire Fence supplied us with much needed fencing wire at cost and fittings for free. https://www.wirefence.co.uk/

Fencing Discount
We have a partnership with WireFence (https://www.wirefence.co.uk/) to provide fisheries and others wanting to protect their water bodies from otter predation with a 5% discount on otter proof fencing. This discount is only available after consultation with UKWOT CEO Dave Webb and only available for specific products. At the UK Wild Otter Trust we understand the impact otters can have on fish stock and are dedicated to developing prevention strategies with fishery owners. If you need any advice or assistance please don’t hesitate to contact Dave Webb via otters@ukwot.org.



Spotty Otter

Spotty Otter have partnered up with the UK Wild Otter Trust, offering you the opportunity to adopt an Otter with each Adventure item you purchase.  Plus 5% of all Adventure sales go straight to supporting the rehabilitation of rescued otters. https://spottyotter.co.uk/supporting-the-uk-wild-otter-trust/ 


Alan Keeper at PAKATAK Ltd donated two trail cameras for us to use in the field. https://pakatak.co.uk/