Welcome to the UK Wild Otter Trust!

We are a Devon-based charity dedicated to protecting and promoting a positive understanding of the European otter and its conservation. We want everyone to be able to engage with and appreciate these beautiful animals, and we work hard to raise awareness, educate, and share information in as many ways as possible!


Otter cubs rescued in 2021


Otters released back into the wild in 2021


Otter cubs rescued in 2022 so far


Otters released back into the wild in 2022 so far


We rehabilitate injured and orphaned otter cubs at our centre in Devon, caring for them and continuing their development so they can later be released back into the wild.

We hold talks, run courses, and offer information and guidance for everyone – from fishery owner to novice otter-spotter – on how to responsibly enjoy and co-exist with the species, and to help educate and engage the public.

We run a Young Ambassador Scheme for young otter lovers, supported by Chris Packham, to inspire and support young people to become leaders in the natural world.