If you find an otter that may need help, please call us immediately.
☎️ 07866 462820 ☎️ 01769 580621 ☎️07759 809667

Fishery Investigation and Support Team 

If you see or suspect any foul play concerning otters, please call us and give details! Just because we don’t see it does not mean it’s not happening so look out around lakes, rivers and water courses for anything that you think may be out of place. We have made many visits to places with the police and removed suspect items such as traps, nets etc over the past year with another visit to a lucky fishery planned for next week! We are making a difference and it’s also about educating that things should and can be done legally. Email us: otters@ukwot.org or call us: 07866 462820 to make that difference!