If you find an otter that may need help, please call us immediately.
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Can you become a rehab centre volunteer?

We are always looking for people with different skills … currently, we would love someone with building skills for block work to form new larger ponds for the cubs and someone that enjoys strimming as well tidying up around the site. To volunteer, simply email our Founder, Dave on otters@ukwot.org to declare an interest.

We are a very inclusive, friendly bunch and we provide lunch, tea and coffee and toilets on site .. we do ask that volunteers give a minimum number of days and all info may be found in the “volunteer strategy” below:

UKWOT Volunteer Strategy

We ask that volunteers attend work parties at least once in a fortnight as a minimum. (We reserve the right to remove any volunteer that is unable to commit to this, due to logistical requirements)

Our start time is usually 9am but any volunteer is free to leave at any time during the day.

Any volunteer can photograph our resident otter and attend releases etc if they so wish as we like them to be involved in all aspects of what we do

Food will be provided daily as will tea, coffee & cold drinks and ice creams in the summer months.

If you volunteer, you understand that there will be no financial remuneration for any work, travel costs or associated costs in any way.

We have toilets on site.

We have a telephone on site that volunteers are welcome to use FOC as the mobile signal is not always great.

You will be expected to adhere to all H & S requirements whilst on site, which is a completely no smoking site.

There are first aid facilities on site.

Anyone found to be making racist, homophobic, or insulting remarks will be removed from the centre immediately and not invited back .. we are a friendly bunch and as such we expect everyone to be inclusive & respectful.

UKWOT reserve the right to remove any volunteer at any time without giving reasons.

What our Volunteers say

Volunteering with Dave and UKWOT was the best thing I did in my retirement. Its good to give something back to such a worthwhile cause and the banter during the day is brilliant and the food is always amazing!

Nigel Childs

It was Nigel that got me involved with UKWOT ….. it’s a lovely place to be each week and everyone is so welcoming and friendly, especially Dave who goes out of his way to make sure that we are all happy and supports us whenever we need it! I can’t imagine not being able to go there each week

Roger Hulks