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On January 30th we received a call from a lady in Newport, Wales about a cub who was calling constantly with no sign of mum. It was in thick undergrowth, moving around seemingly disorientated, but next to a busy road in middle of town, so we made the call to bring it in. We called our contact in Wales, Lee Jenkins, founder of South Wales Otter Trust to go collect the little one. Within an hour of recieving the call about the otter cub it had been rescued, an amazing response time for this tiny cub. 

The next morning, just as Lee was about to depart to our Specialist Otter Rehabilitation Centre in Devon, he received a call about another tiny cub in the same area. The little cub had been taken to Field Vets, so Lee collected the tiny otter and brought both down to our centre. 

We have since been notified that a deceased lactating female has been in the same area, after being hit by a car. These two tiny orphaned cubs are lucky to have been found, as without their mother they wouldn’t have survived. 

After arrival to our Specialist Otter Rehabilitation Centre in Devon, they have been gaining weight well. Having these two together improves their changes of survival. 

We have named these twin girls Ebbw and Elai (pronounced Ebb oo and E Lee). Ebbw is the river they were found on and Elai is Welsh for Ely.

You can support their rehabilitation by adopting them, they are available to choose in our Bronze, Silver and Gold adoption packs. https://ukwildottertrust.org/product-category/adoption/

It costs us in the region of £3500 to rehabilitate one otter cub. So every adoption counts. You can also donate towards their rehabilitation here – https://ukwildottertrust.org/donate/