If you find an otter that may need help, please call us immediately.
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We have teamed up with Jane Leakey Nature Arts to bring you this beautiful stained glass otter suncatcher. Jane is kindly donating £10 from each sale to UKWOT.

Watch the transformation as the light changes throughout the day. By evening the otter has become a silhouette against the stunning stained glass.

Each suncatcher is unique, as Jane selects and handcuts the stained glass which is then framed by a gorgeous wooden frame. It’s made ready to hang by the addition of a length of cord.

All about Jane –

A multi-talented artist and wildlife photographer, Jane is inspired by nature. In addition to her glass arts, she also sculpts in wood and creates paintings using acrylics and coloured pencil, in addition to creating realistic life-size insects such as dragonflies, butterflies and bees.

For more of Jane’s work: Instagram @janeleakeynaturearts @janeleakeyphotography