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Since September 2023, Marie has been volunteering with us at our Specialist Otter Rehabilitation Centre and taking part in our Rummer’s Placement Scheme. We asked Marie to write about her experience and share some of her favourite photos.

Finding out about the Rummers placement scheme at the UK Wild Otter Trust has been a highlight of my university experience. I couldn’t think of anything better than spending a year of my course contributing towards the conservation of one of the UK’s most protected species. Since starting in September 2023, I’ve delved into every aspect of Eurasian otter rehabilitation, gaining invaluable hands-on experience from the initial assessment, to the final release. The Rummers Placement scheme gives you insight on the rewards and challenges of conservation work. I’ve been warmly welcomed into a community who share my passion for otters and it is truly inspiring to see how dedicated these individuals are towards the conservation of Eurasian otters. Completing the Rummers placement scheme has been extremely rewarding and has exceeded my expectations. Every moment so far has been a joy and I look forward to immerse myself into research of Wild Eurasian otter behaviour. I am grateful to UKWOT for making this life-changing experience possible. 💚🦦