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UKWOT volunteer Georgie Thorne, along with her nieces and nephew took part in the Big Green Hike this last weekend to raise money for us.

Here’s Georgie to tell you how it went:

“We started off at 09.15 and did the first mile around our local nature reserve before heading off. We came across a lot of surface water and mud, which made us have to think of our route,  but it was an opportunity to highlight cubs being displaced by flooding. The mud gave an opportunity to look at tracks… Horses and deer along river habitats taking in bird songs and seeing insects…and map reading. Which went down like… Yawn.

We spoke to dog walkers and made them aware of the fab work UKWOT do… The children felt proud when praised by strangers for what they were doing.

We came across 3 roe doe fawns, which amazed us as much as the deer and we spent a good few minutes watching each other..it was the first time we all had been that close. Maybe the deer, of the tracks we saw!? Having had a chocolate break, we started up a massive hill. I was asked how much it costs to look after an otter.  When i told them £3500 an otter  and how many have been rescued this year – in addition to those due releasing this year… they flew up that hill. 💚 At the top they were taken by the views and we took group photos for them to remember our day, when they themselves become my age…

Lunch on a Common, saw a group vote for the youngest to be collected as she was tired having collectively clocked just over 5 miles.

The four of us returned with speed, and some tiredness… And wet boots back to reach just over 8.5 miles… Finishing at 16:00.

Sunday we decided, was a rest day and the remaining 2 ish miles were completed on Monday.

oTTers’ 24 have been thrilled by the support and are so pleased to have exceeded their target. At the moment, the running total is around £230.

These 4 are true eco-warriors… They totally respect their environment, their place in it and most of all  wanting otters to be a part of it.”

Thank you to team Thorne and to everyone that donated.

You can still donate here –  ❤️