If you find an otter that may need help, please call us immediately.
☎️ 07866 462820 ☎️ 01769 580621 ☎️07759 809667

We’re excited to be taking part in this year’s Festival of Nature. 🌸

Join us on Thursday June 4th at 6.30pm for our free webinar on Eurasian Otter conservation! 🦦

What do you know about otters in the UK, and their conservation? Log on from anywhere in the UK to join the team from the UK Wild Otter Trust for this special online talk. Get behind the scenes of their work including the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of otter cubs. Otter questions at the ready – there will be plenty of time for Q+A! 🦦

With the The Natural History Consortium’s Festival of Nature 2024