If you find an otter that may need help, please call us immediately.
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Milly and Merv were rescued individually and both needed some extra care when they arrived; Milly was underweight and Merv had a slight concussion. But, they have both flourished whilst at our Specialist Otter Rehabilitation Centre. The rehabilitation process is a long one, taking around a year and costing around £3500 per cub – Milly and Merv are both around 14 months old now. We are delighted to see Milly and Merv back in the wild, where they belong. 💗

All of our release sites are chosen specifically with the intended otters in mind – we have created close relationships with many organisations and land owners, that has allowed us to not only release rehabilitated otters back into the wild, but post monitor them. We don’t share the locations of our release sites in order to protect the released otters. Thank you to all the organisations and land owners that have worked with us over the years. 🦦