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We are delighted to welcome a new ambassador to the UK Wild Otter Trust – Claudia Gilbert.

Dave, our Founder said “When we were approached by the film company from Montreal, I was skeptical about it as its a long way to come to film. However, once we had several zoom meetings my fears were allayed. Consequently, the crew were flown over to film here with us and what an experience it was. An international production due to hit the screens in June, I found the crew and presenter Claudia nothing but professional but the thing that stood out for me (and impressed me) was that it was clear from the outset that they wanted the best for the animals and not interested in getting the shots at any cost .. they were both sympathetic and understanding and worked with us perfectly.

Claudia Gilbert, the Presenter was both professional and compassionate and had obviously done her homework before arriving in the UK surrounding otters and UKWOT. I still can’t quite believe that we were chosen to take part in this as the rest of the series has taken on board some pretty impressive, world renowned organisations and here in the UK, they chose us! We are absolutely thrilled to have Claudia on board with us and she joins our Patron team and I’m sure she will be an asset. We are all thrilled about our newest addition and of course, it will only serve to strengthen our future in otter cub rehabilitation as well as now being thrust into the worldwide exposure for the benefit of otters. We welcome Claudia to our team”

Claudia said “Becoming an ambassador for the UK Wild Otter Trust fills me with pride.  As a vet, conservation of animals and their habitats is a priority for me. As I’ve travelled the world meeting people who stand out for their connection with wild animals in the context of rehabilitation, conservation or education, I’ve realized that no matter where we live on the planet, we always tend to be moved by animals living in distant lands. Exoticism makes them more attractive than our local species, with which we sometimes come personally into conflict. It’s in everyone’s interest to be inspired by our animal roommates, to observe their beauty, understand their usefulness, realize our direct impact (often negative) on their populations and learn to cohabit. The otter deserves to be better known. It’s a fascinating species, but its survival is strongly affected by human activity. UKWOT’s work is essential. As a scientist and animal professional, I’m particularly impressed by the quality of the care they give to the temporary residents otters and their meticulous rehabilitation methods. I’m particularly touched by these kind-hearted people who devote themselves to each otter in difficulty, as well as to the health of their populations, and their habitat. It’s a real honor to have been chosen as an ambassador.”

Please help us welcome Claudia!